Sunday, December 28, 2008

Popcorn 10" x 8" oil **SOLD**

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Popcorn. This is number three in "reminds me of being a kid" series. When I was little, making popcorn didn't consist of throwing the bag in the microwave and waiting about 4 minutes for a nice hot bag. No it was more of an "event". It consisted of mom opening the plastic bag of popcorn, putting grease in the skillet and adding the kernels. If she didn't get the lid on in time lookout! Popcorn everywhere. We would then eat it in front of the tv or load up a big paper sack and off to the drive in movies we went. I don't ever remember what movies we watched because I was too busy playing on the swing under the big screen. After we got tired playing we would come back to the car, eat some popcorn and usually fall asleep. Enjoy!

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